Indigo Love by Graciela Torres

It all began quite innocently . . .

Graciela Torres began her career in model photography, doing this quite successfully that she was often asked if she would consider doing boudoir portraits. What began as an innocent side business evolved into something she believes is her true calling. 

Graciela has a unique talent for capturing a woman’s sensual side and personality quirks in the same image. Her photographs often resulted in a profoundly positive change in how her clients felt about themselves. One client after another displayed an almost immediate boost in their self-confidence just by viewing their own images after Graciela’s boudoir shoot. 

As word spread and some images being displayed on her website, her career skyrocketed! It became clear very soon that her clients loved the whole experience and felt it transformed their lives in subtle and not so subtle ways. 

In both modes of her photography work, Graciela uses her exuberant personality to keep sessions upbeat and fun while her artistic instincts capture her subjects while they are being most authentic. The resulting images are unique in that each one reveals the essence of the woman behind the image.